Our pricing is usage based, designed to save you money. Always included:

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Your monthly bill is driven by 3 variables

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Concurrency only affects your minimum charge and it's used towards deployment hours and add-on storage you might have enabled in your account.

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VM Size & Hours

This is the amount of Memory, CPU and storage size required to run your deployments. You can set different VM sizes per repositories or branch.

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Add-on Storage

These features are turned off by default, you can enable them anytime.


Pricing in USD

$40 / month

Minimum charge

What’s this?
How many concurrent deployments do you need?

You can change your concurrency and resize environments anytime.

What is a concurrent deployment? Try it FREE

Hourly pricing per virtual machine size

Pricing in USD


2 vCPU
20 GB Storage


2 vCPU
30 GB Storage


2 vCPU
60 GB Storage


2 vCPU
135 GB Storage


4 vCPU
240 GB Storage

Add more storage to any VM size for $0.18/GB per month

Add-on Pricing

Pricing in USD

Assets (share files between deployments)
$0.55/GB per month
Docker Image Cache
$0.05/GB per month
Persistent Deployments
$0.18/GB per month

Frequently Asked Questions


How many concurrent deployments do I need?

Typically we recommend 2 concurrent deployments for every employee. For example, if you have a development team with 10 developers we recommend a plan with 20 concurrent deployments.


What is the right VM Size for me?

Every application is different, if you are not sure of the VM resources you will need we recommend starting with the 2G VM size. You can change the VM size(and storage) any time later, either up or down.


Can I cancel or change my plan later?

Absolutely! Contact our support team and we'll make sure your subscription gets cancelled as you want. You may also change your plan any time, you can change the number of concurrent deployments or VM sizes any time.


Why should I trust Squash with my code?

Squash only accesses your code when you run your deployment. Once you terminate your deployment all your code is automatically destroyed. For more details please check our ​security page​.


I use Windows do you support these?

At the moment, Squash only supports Linux, but we will be supporting Windows in the very near future. ​Click here​ to be notified when we add this support.


What if I am building open-source?

We offer free accounts for Open Source projects, please contact our ​support team.